• Foot and Ankle Solutions

    Technology that Moves

    Zimmer Biomet understands the important role that you have in helping patients get back to a possible pain-free life. We make it our mission to help restore mobility, alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for patients around the world by adopting and developing new technologies, by embracing our responsibilities and by always looking to the future for inspiration.

    We are committed to pursuing new ideas with passion and purpose and remain dedicated to enhancing the science behind, both, products and procedures so you can use your skills and expertise to advance the art of patient care.

    Known for creating some of the most advanced technologies and for our innovative designs, we are focused on providing you with the latest options in Technology, Plates & Screws, Ankle Reconstruction, Soft Tissue Management and Biologics & Joint Preservation.

    We are Technology that Moves.




    Advancing Technology to Enhance Patient Care

    Recognizing the unlimited potential of human activities, Zimmer Biomet is committed to introducing new technologies that reinforce the needs of patients. Trabecular Metal? and OsseoTi? Porous Metal technologies remain leading options for porous fixation surfaces. Prolong? Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene is used to create resistant articulating surfaces for total joint applications. These and other unique technologies continue to raise the level of expectation that keeps Zimmer Biomet moving forward with new and innovative solutions. ? ?



    Plates and Screws

    Complete Line of Anatomically Contoured Plate & Screw Systems

    Zimmer Biomet offers an extensive line of plates and screws, using the advanced technologies and innovative designs that have made Zimmer Biomet a leader in fracture fixation devices. The A.L.P.S.? Anatomic Locking Plate System platform offers the surgeon a wide variety of options for treating fractures of the bones of the foot and ankle, as well as for facilitating osteotomies, fusions, and other treatments that address foot and ankle conditions.



    Ankle Reconstruction

    Broad Continuum of Care in Ankle Reconstruction

    Zimmer Biomet offers a variety of implants designed for the reconstruction of the ankle and subtalar joints. Inspired by technologies and design features with long clinical histories, and constantly thinking ahead to evolving technologies and designs, Zimmer Biomet remains at the head of innovative new reconstruction systems.



    Soft Tissue Management

    Bone conserving and strong fixation options for secure soft tissue reattachment.

    Zimmer Biomet is at the forefront of the industry in design innovation and technology for soft-tissue repair, changing the way tissue-to-bone procedures are performed. We pioneered the all-suture anchor when we introduced the JuggerKnot? Soft Anchor. This outcome-focused design philosophy has led to a complete family of soft anchors that offer sizing and deployment options for specific applications of the foot and ankle.?



    Moving Forward with Biotechnology

    Adding a promising new dimension to foot and ankle treatment, Zimmer Biomet offers some of the most innovative biologic treatment options available. From the latest in advanced biomedical research, we offer clinically relevant biological solutions aimed to support the healing of bone fractures and soft tissue defects.


    WalterLorenz? Surgical Assist Arm

    The WalterLorenz? Surgical Assist Arm is a bionic, electromechanical arm that enables surgical site optimization. The Walter Arm was created in collaboration with surgeons across multiple disciplines to facilitate improved surgical access, visualization, intervention, and efficiency in the OR.

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